Customer stories

Empowered By The Sun: Watch Csaba's Solar Adventure Progress With LiTime Technology


Csaba and Melinda from Hungary share their experience using LiTime solar products for off-grid living. Through two solar systems - one with traditional lead-acid batteries and one featuring a LiTime LiFePO4 battery and inverter - they've gained valuable insights. The LiTime setup surprisingly outperforms the lead batteries and powers appliances like a fridge. As...

Embracing Lightness: An Expert Fisherman's Guide To LiTime Lithium Battery


Michael is an avid fisherman whose boating adventures were hindered by heavy lead-acid batteries until he discovered the lightweight yet powerful LiTime lithium battery, receiving over 30 hours of uninterrupted usage. Read on to learn how LiTime mini took his fishing experience to the next level. My name is Michael. I am an avid fisherman...